Mustang Reigns as America’s Premier Sports Car; Dominates Global Market for Over a Decade

By admin Apr 1, 2024

Entering its seventh decade, the Ford Mustang continues to lead the pack as America’s top-selling sports car, based on 2023 U.S. registrations1. Moreover, it maintains its stronghold as the best-selling sports car globally for over a decade2.

In 2023, over 59,000 eager customers embraced the Mustang experience, contributing to the staggering delivery of nearly 1 million pony cars by Ford over the past decade. The success of 2023 was fueled by the launch of the all-new seventh-generation Mustang in North America. Soon, enthusiasts in China, Europe, Australia, and South America will also have the opportunity to experience the latest iteration of the Mustang, set to roll out in 2024.

Jeff Marentic, General Manager of North America/Global Truck, Family, and Enthusiast Vehicles, proudly stated, “We’ve sold more Mustangs in our history than the population of major cities like Chicago, London, or Seoul.” As the iconic model approaches its 60th anniversary, the fervor and passion for the Mustang remain undiminished, with the seventh-generation model poised to reach customers in 85 markets worldwide.

In celebration of the Mustang’s 60th anniversary, Ford unveils a special Vermillion Red and Ebony Black logo at the New York Auto Show. Inspired by the badging and wheel center caps of the original 1964 World’s Fair debut, this emblem pays homage to the Mustang’s rich heritage. Additionally, owners of the seventh-generation Mustang will receive an exclusive new feature around April 17, accessible through ‘Automatic Software Updates’ in the ‘Settings’ menu of their vehicle’s SYNC 4 touchscreen.

The all-new seventh-generation Mustang represents the latest evolution of this automotive icon, boasting captivating aesthetics, exhilarating sound, and timeless appeal. Whether in convertible or coupe form, equipped with a V8 or turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, with manual or automatic transmission, the Mustang offers diverse options across various price points and performance levels. Furthermore, the new Mustang’s prowess extends to the racing circuits and series worldwide, showcased by models like Dark Horse R, Mustang GT3, and Mustang GT4.

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